A Successful Private Behavior Modification Lesson with CPT Training

German Shepherd- Behavior Modification

Why is Amy smiling? Because she just completed a successful private lesson with Comprehensive Pet Therapy!

Prior to the appointment, her German Shepherd Bailey pulled constantly on-leash and became reactive whenever she saw an unfamiliar dog. The behavior became worse after a friend’s dog started a fight with Bailey. One time during a walk Bailey literally pulled Amy over and dragged her on the ground.

However, after some clicker conditioning to obtain focused attention, acclimating Bailey to the Gentle Leader, teaching Bailey proper leash walking protocols, and teaching Amy proper leash walking handler mechanics, we were able to walk Bailey within 18 inches of a volunteer dog while Bailey remained calm and attentive to Amy and maintained a loose leash. Successful behavior modification.  All in one appointment! That is why Amy is smiling!!

(Sandy Springs, GA)

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