Agility Titlist!

Meghan Toler and Lincoln- CPT Agility graduates and AKC titlists!

CPT agility student Meghan Toler and her Miniature Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terrier mix, Lincoln, recently achieved 2 qualifying scores with 2 first place finishes in AKC competition.  Congratulations Meghan!!

Regardless of whether you wish to participate solely for fun or have competition aspirations, CPT has an outstanding agility program.  Our group class and private lesson programs build human-dog communication, teamwork, confidence, coordination, strength, and balance.

The curriculum starts with Beginner Agility and then progresses to Intermediate and Advanced levels.  Beginner introduces dogs to all the basic agility obstacles, including the broad jump, tire jump, panel jump, single-bar jump, double-bar jump, triple-bar jump, open tunnel, pause table, a-frame, dogwalk, teeter, and weave poles.  Upon graduation, dogs should be proficient with all the obstacles, except the teeter and weave poles, which require more time.

During Intermediate, we teach handler-dog communication to most effectively navigate the dogs amidst a sequence of obstacles.  Skills taught include heel, side, pivots, front crosses, and rear crosses.

Next, in Advanced we teach dogs and handlers how to successfully run increasingly complex obstacle courses.  In the Advanced curriculum courses are longer, include more obstacles, and expose handlers and dogs to more challenging combinations and alignments.

Most importantly, regardless of the level, our courses are a great time for humans and dogs.

To learn more about CPT agility, give us a call (404-236-2150) or click the link in this sentence.  Better yet, enroll in our upcoming beginner-level class starting on January 10.

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