Another CGC Graduate- With a Nice Story!

CGC Graduate- Shamu- Great Dane

When Steve and Brittany first contacted CPT about Shamu, their 6.5-year old Great Dane, they were worried about Shamu’s reactivity and apparent object guarding when Brittany walked Shamu in the neighborhood. They also were concerned about destructive chewing that originated from Shamu’s separation distress.

What a turnaround!! After completing an in-home private behavior modification appointment, Shamu’s behavior improved sufficiently to where Steve and Brittany enrolled Shamu in CPT’s CGC Class. Now, not only is Shamu an AKC Canine Good Citizen, Shamu also passed the Happy Tails Pet Therapy entrance exam and is an official Happy Tails volunteer! And she has the bandanna to prove it!! Great job Steve and Brittany- and Shamu!!

(Marietta, GA)

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