Briarcliff Animal Clinic Enters Into Partnership with Comprehensive Pet Therapy, Inc. (CPT)

Briarcliff Animal Clinic, one of the largest and most successful privately owned veterinary practices in the southeast, has commenced a business partnership with Comprehensive Pet Therapy, Inc., Atlanta’s most respected pet training company. CPT will provide group, private, and board training services to patrons of Briarcliff.

Dr. Peter J. Muller, III, CEO of Briarcliff, states, “Well trained pets attain a higher quality of life and are better enjoyed by their owners. Moreover, from a profitability standpoint, trained pets remain clients of our practice. They are less likely to become abandoned at shelters or hit by cars. In addition, they are easier and safer to handle during examinations. Our human and animal customers, as well as our staff, welcome our relationship with CPT.”

Mark Spivak, President of CPT, states, “Briarcliff’s reputation is outstanding within the veterinary community and the pet community as a whole. Similarly, CPT is recognized as the performance leader in the pet training field. Thus, we wish to associate with partners who share our focus on quality. Briarcliff’s corporate culture is an excellent match and our association enables CPT’s staff to more conveniently service customers in the central Atlanta area.”

CPT will provide group classes on site at the clinic, located at the intersection of Johnson and Briarcliff Roads, near Emory University and proximal to most areas of North Atlanta, Buckhead, Midtown, South Atlanta, and Decatur. The first scheduled class begins in late August. CPT will also offer private instruction to Briarcliff clients whose pets exhibit obedience, household manners or behavioral problems. The private lessons will foster more accelerated progress and present a more diverse, customized lesson plan. For Briarcliff customers wishing the most rapid results with the least amount of customer involvement, CPT will offer a unique home-based board training service, where client dogs will reside at the home of a CPT Trainer instead of a kennel. The home-based board training better enables CPT to reduce stress to the animal while more successfully training household manners, behavioral, and practical obedience issues.

Dr. Muller continues, “CPT’s staff is highly experienced and accomplished and emphasizes humane, positive training methodologies. Now, our clients can benefit from outstanding pet training while conveniently remaining home or traveling a short distance to the clinic. They will even work with cats exhibiting behavioral problems.”

Dr. Muller’s father, Dr. Peter J. Muller, founded Briarcliff Animal Clinic at its present location in 1958 as a sole proprietorship. His enthusiasm and drive has expanded the clinic to a practice employing nine veterinarians and approximately 70 staff members implementing a mission of becoming “Atlanta’s family doctor to a generation of pets”. Since graduating summa cum laude from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Muller, III, has participated in the practice and for the last several years has been CEO, in addition to his daily veterinary duties. Briarcliff has fully staffed hospital, clinic, pharmacy, and boarding facilities open seven days a week. Over 15,000 animals use Briarcliff’s services annually.

Since its inception in 1992, CPT has trained the dogs of over 30,000 Atlanta area customers. CPT offers group classes at five locations, in-home private lessons throughout the Atlanta-metro area, and board training services at 6 locations. CPT Head Trainers have placed in national competitions, won regional titles, handled dogs in movies, performed as expert witnesses, and appeared as behavioral authorities on television news shows.

For more information, please contact either Mark Spivak at (404) 236-2150 or Collin Trollinger, Briarcliff Hospital Administrator at (404) 874-6393.

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