CPT Assists in Benefit for Red Fern Farms

For the past several years CPT has been a dedicated supporter of Red Fern Farms. To help those CPT customers unfamiliar with R ed Fern Farms, Red Fern is a trend setting pet therapy organization that partners rescued dogs with emotionally traumatized and learning disabled children attending school in the Atlanta metro area.

The program designed by Red Fern’s founder, Christine Stribling, achieves fantastic results. Many Red Fern children dramatically improve their emotional and scholastic performance from their contact with Red Fern’s trained volunteer handlers and dogs.

Most readers know CPT as Atlanta’s most respect ed pet training company. Our involvement with Red Fern Farms enables us to give back to the community and potentially enrich the families of persons who had mutual contact with CPT and Red Fern. We are proud that the dogs we have trained for Red Fern have helped so many local children and assisted in Red Fern’s growth as a significant local non-profit entity (we also conduct the local puppy raiser classes for Canine Companions for Independence, a significant national organization).

On Saturday, June 16th, Outback Steakhouse, the Georgia International Horse Park, Comprehensive Pet Therapy, and others are sponsoring the $25,000 Jumper Grand Prix and Charity Dinner to benefit Red Fern Farms. The event features some of the top show jumpers in the country and will be filmed for Fox Sports Network. Pre-event and intermission festivitities feature CPT demo dog, Topper, performing feats of canine obedience, agility, and protection.

The Silent Auction starts at 2PM; the Outback Dinner at 5PM, and the Grand Prix at 6PM. We invite you to observe some of the top performance horses in the country and join CPT in support of Red Fern Farms. Feel free to also cheer for Topper during his demonstrations.

For tickets or more information, please contact Georgia International Horse Park at 770-602-2510 or Red Fern Farms at 770-840-9145.

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