CPT Beginner Agility Graduates

CPT Beginner Agility Class

The CPT Beginner Agility Class familiarizes dogs and handlers with each of the agility obstacles: bar jumps, tire jump, open tunnel, closed tunnel (chute), A-frame, dogwalk, teeter, pause table, and weave poles.  At the completion of Beginner Agility participating dogs should be competent in all the listed obstacles, except for the teeter and weave poles, which usually require more time.

In the Intermediate Agility Class, we then perfect the teeter and weave poles and teach the handlers how to direct their dogs around a novice level course that combines multiple obstacles.  We also teach higher level skills such as pivots, front crosses, and rear crosses.

In the Advanced Agility Class, we teach the handlers and dogs how to navigate increasingly difficult and complex courses.

The following video shows a CPT Beginner Agility class completing their graduation exercises during their 8th week of instruction:

Agility is GREAT FUN!  Moreover, agility is highly practical!  Agility improves off-leash obedience, handler-dog communication, strength, balance, coordination, body awareness, flexibility, and confidence!


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