CPT and Emory University Want You!

The CPT-Emory Dog Project is Getting Set for Another Round of Tryouts!

The CPT-Emory Dog Project Team has appeared on 60 Minutes, Nova, ABC World News Tonight, and CBS This Morning, been covered by the LA Times, Washington Post, and Atlanta Journal Constitution, and been featured in the websites of Time Magazine, Psychology Today, and Rolling Stone.  Our troupe of highly trained “MRI dogs” has momentously improved scientific understanding of canine cognition, emotions, sensory perception, receptive communication, and inhibitory control.  Our human scientists have authored numerous noteworthy studies published in esteemed peer reviewed academic journals.  Our collective efforts have improved protocols for the identification of high-potential working and service dog candidates and for the training of working dogs, service dogs, and pet dogs.  Comprehensive Pet Therapy (CPT), Atlanta’s most respected training company, has altered its preferred training methodology based on The Dog Project’s research findings.

Now, The Dog Project is ready for another round of expansion!  We have many more exciting studies planned and wish to increase our ensemble of trained MRI dogs.  The project is funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR).  Therefore, project training provided by CPT is free to all participating dogs and dog owners!  In addition, any owner whose dog completes a successful MRI scan gets paid for their efforts!

1. Do you want to help advance scientific knowledge of the canine mind?

2. Do you own a dog between the ages of 1 and 10 years?

3. Is your dog generally obedient and proficient with the down and down-stay commands?

4. Is your dog confident and comfortable traversing steps and narrow planks?

5. Is your dog comfortable within enclosures?

6. Is your dog confident and comfortable amidst loud noises of varying pitches?

7. Is your dog reliably housebroken?

8. Is your dog non-aggressive with people and dogs?

If you answered “Yes” to all the above questions, then we welcome you to schedule your dog to tryout for our fMRI team!

Please read the attached flyer for details:

CPT-Emory Neuroscience Tryout Flyer- The Dog Project


(Decatur, GA)

(Atlanta, GA)

(Sandy Springs, GA)

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