CPT Featured in Neighbor Newspapers

Neighbor Newspapers featured a full-page article citing CPT President Mark Spivak and colleague Greg Berns’s appearance on the PBS Nova episode entitled, “Inside Animal Minds.” The article describes:


• Spivak and Berns’s production experience with the BBC2 film crew that flew in from London and Scotland to produce the episode,

• The overall “Inside Animal Minds” program,

• The team’s canine cognition research covered within the episode,

• Planned expansion for the team’s fMRI research project, and

• Procedures for readers to volunteer their dog for their safe, groundbreaking canine MRI project.

To read the article, please click the following link: http://neighbornewspapers.com/view/full_story/25004639/article-Local-dog-trainer-on-TV–seeking-study-participants.


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