CPT Internal Training Seminar- Electronic Fencing Systems

In our continuing efforts to maintain the CPT training staff as the most educated group of pet trainers and behaviorists in the Atlanta area, we completed another in a sequence of internal training seminars designed to enhance each trainer’s knowledge and competency regarding canine learning theory, canine communication, new equipment and applications, and leading edge training methodologies. On Tuesday, May 12, CPT’s staff engaged in the sixth of a series of seminars. This seminar provided a lecture, discussion, and demonstration of PetStop® electronic containment systems.

PetStop® certified distributors and installers Phillip Dow and Mike Sinteff (who is also a member of CPT’s training staff) provided a 90-minute lecture and open discussion regarding different types of electronic containment products, the features of PetStop® fencing, the advantages of PetStop® containment systems, appropriate applications for electronic containment systems, effective outdoor and indoor boundary design alternatives, system adjustability, problem solving, and recommended training methodologies when exposing a client dog to the system. Phillip and Mike also brought several transmitters and receivers and allowed CTP staff members to feel first-hand the stimulation felt by a dog that approaches an electronic containment boundary.

In the majority of cases, the electronic stimulus was surprisingly mild and more attention grabbing and startling, like “socks on a carpet,” rather than painful. Phillip and Mike provided a persuasive demonstration that the Petstop® system is both effective and humane, provided the system is calibrated properly and the owner completes all the recommended training steps with his/her pet prior to leaving the dog unsupervised while outdoors.

We believe our clients who are interested in installing electronic containment systems will observe firsthand the benefits of CPT’s internal training program and agree that CPT’s program, staff, and overall professionalism is unequalled in the Atlanta area.

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