CPT on the Silver and Small Screen

CPT has always enjoyed participating in feature films and television commercials. In the past few weeks, we have had two trainers, a client, and several dogs participate in a television pilot, a music video, and a national television commercial.

The WB Network pilot “In My Life” recently filmed in Atlanta included one CPT Trainer as an actor, another CPT Trainer as an on-set animal trainer, a CPT customer, and three dogs provided by CPT. CPT competition student Dick Shuey played the role of Officer Robinson while his Doberman Pinscher, Emmett, played the role of a police K-9. CPT Trainer Mark Spivak played the role of Officer Szemanski while Mark’s German Shepherd, Topper, played the role of a police K-9. CPT Trainer Lee Mischiara participated as an on-set animal trainer while his German Shepherd, Britta, played the role of a police K-9. “In My Life” is a pilot for a proposed WB dramatic series about the integration of a Baton Rouge high school in the early 1960’s. WB plans to broadcast the pilot during fall 2002.

Sampson, a Golden Retriever Board Trained by CPT and owned by CPT client Cindy Martin just finished filming a national TV commercial for In Demand.com. Sampson did a great job and was very popular on the set. In Demand will soon broadcast Sampson’s commercial to announce availability of its all the time on demand pay per view and movie services.

Lastly, CPT Trainer Mark Spivak diversified from dogs and cats when he handled alligators and rabbits during the filming of rap and r & b star Cee-Lo’s music video for his new single “Gettin’ Grown.” Cee-Lo desired an animal menagerie with plentiful bunnies and fearsome gators amidst a brightly colored tele-tubby type landscape. Mark received quick lessons from the head alligator handler, a Louisiana native who has handled the reptiles for a number of films and music videos. Unfortunately, when completing a music video several months ago in Birmingham one of the alligator handlers lost a thumb. Fortunately, Mark learned his l essons well and had a great time while completing his job without injury.

We look forward to incorporating more customer dogs in upcoming productions. Maintain your dog’s training. Perhaps your dog will fit the profile for a future casting call.

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