CPT President Mark Spivak Quoted in Article Published by The Expert Institute

The Expert Institute, one of the nation’s most respected services for matching and connecting legal firms with expert specialty practitioners recently quoted CPT President Mark Spivak in an online article. In addition to functioning as a search service, The Expert Institute authors articles for attorneys on how to best select and benefit from expert witnesses. The Expert Institute also authors articles for industry experts on how to best provide results for legal teams by maximizing the impact of written and/or oral testimony.

Mark was quoted in an article entitled “So You Want to be an Expert?” written by Expert Institute columnist Joe O’Neill. The article quotes 14 experienced and successful expert witnesses from a variety of fields, including accounting, finance, medicine, engineering, management, dog behavior, and security. In the article each expert describes what separates an extraordinary expert witness from an average expert, what difficulties they have encountered on cases, and how best to address “difficult” situations.

To read the article, please click the above link.

To read an article written by Mark, “When to Hire an Expert Witness in Dog Behavior and Considerations When Hiring the Expert,” please click the preceding link.

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