CPT Trained Dog Models in Advertisement

Phoebe, a seven year old Old English Sheepdog, owned by Veda and Gary Burns and trained by CPT through both our Board Training and Group Class programs, just completed modeling for an advertisement for Citizens Bank. The goal was to complete an a scene appearing like Phoebe was driving a car. For almost an hour, Phoebe had to remain in a difficult “stay” command behind the steering wheel of an automobile while the photographer prepared lighting and snapped photographs.

The advertising agency, client, and photographer thought Phoebe was outstanding. Gary and Veda had a great time while Phoebe made new friends and admirers and perhaps launched a new career. They never augured when first bringing their out of control Sheepdog to CPT that the result would be an extremely well behaved canine model.

CPT appreciates the efforts of Gloria Winship of Animal Actors Talent Agency. For the past eight years CPT has worked with Animal Actors in providing canine talent for movies, television, music videos, sales conventions, public appearances, and print advertisements.

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