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CPT Trainer Karen Smalley and her 9-year old Border Collie, Bodhi, recently added another accolade to their litany of achievements. Karen and Bodhi’s resume includes AKC titles, UKC titles, ASCA titles, Flyball titles, and appearances in television commercials, print advertisements, and magazine covers. Now, we include the title of Utility Dog Excellent (UDX ) on their curriculum vitae.

The Math Tells the Story

The American Kennel Club’s UDX title requires 10 trials where a titled dog qualifies in both Open B (CDX) and Utility B (UD) competitions on the same trial day.  To get an idea of the difficulty of Karen’s feat, the qualification rate in Open competition is approximately 25% and the qualification rate in Utility competition, the AKC’s highest and most difficult level, is only 18%.   Therefore, the probability of qualifying in both events in the same trial day is a miniscule 4.5%.  Yet, Karen and Bodhi completed the gauntlet 10 times!

Karen Smalley and Bodhi UDX
Karen Smalley and Bodhi UDX

Moreover, when Karen and Bodhi earned their Utility title, which requires 3 qualifying legs, they did it in 3 consecutive shows. The probability of qualifying in 3 consecutive Utility events is 0.6%.  Yet, Karen and Bodhi not only qualified 3 straight times, they achieved 3 consecutive first place finishes!

To further explain the rarity of Karen’s undertaking, there are approximately 89.7 million dogs in the USA.  Of those 89.7 million, in the most recent year a comparatively tiny number of 192 earned the prestigious UDX title.  Therefore, a microscopic 0.0002% of dogs demonstrated obedience prowess tantamount to Bodhi.  Wow!

How To Train Your Dog with Karen Smalley

We are proud to list Karen Smalley as a 20-year member of CPT’s staff.  She is undoubtedly one of the best dog trainers in Atlanta.  And we are similarly proud of Bodhi, whose full registered name is now CH Holther’s Gold Mine, CD, CDX, UD, UDX, RN, RA, RE, OM1.

If you wish to enroll in a Beginner ObedienceIntermediate ObedienceRally Obedience, or Competition Obedience group class taught by Karen Smalley or wish to schedule private lessons with Karen, please contact the CPT office by email or phone (404-236-2150).






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