CPT Trainer Patricia King Appears on CBS This Morning

CPT Trainer Patricia King- Dog Trainer Atlanta

CPT Trainer Patricia King and her Golden/Lab Mix Kady appeared in a segment on CBS This Morning entitled, “The Science of Puppy Love: Brain Scans Reveal Emotions of Dogs.”  CBS This Morning correspondent Terrell Brown interviewed Patricia regarding her involvement in the Emory-CPT Neuroscience Project and the Project’s quest to understand dogs’ emotions and how they love us.

The segment also included an interview with Emory University professor Gregory Berns, who discussed some of the technical aspects about the Project.  Berns also explained how the Project provides clear evidence that dogs have emotions, which he describes in detail in his outstanding book, “How Dogs Love Us.”

As Patricia insightfully stated, “We always want to be loved.  To know that our dog might have the same feelings enhances our bond and then we can see them a little bit more like us.”

To view the segment broadcast on October 22, 2013, please click the link below:

For more information about the Emory-CPT Neuroscience Project, please contact CPT President and Head Trainer Mark Spivak by phone (404-236-2150) or by email (MarkCPT@aol.com).

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