CPT Trainers Participate in Appie and Robert Kamps Seminar

CPT Trainers Lisa Carroll, Megan Sinteff Jefferson, and Mark Spivak participated in the Appie and Robert Kamps Seminar held November 15 and 16 in Dawsonville, GA. Appie and Robert are two of The Netherlands’ top KNPV competition and police dog trainers. They also train performance horses that are well known as crowd pleasers at Dutch events, especially when the horses work in combination with dogs and chickens.

The Dawsonville seminar focused on obedience, impulse control, search, and protection training for working and sport dogs. Lisa participated with her 9-month Dutch Shepherd, Rolex, and Mark participated with his 8-year old German Shepherd, Marlo. Megan audited the seminar to prepare for future competition endeavors.

Participants came from as far away as Illinois, south Florida, and Massachusetts to hear and view the techniques of Appie and his son Robert. The participants consisted mostly of highly experienced professional, sport, and police K-9 dog trainers, with some less experienced persons integrated within. The dogs were mostly experienced highly trained dogs, but also included young adult dogs and puppies that were fairly new to performance-level obedience and protection training.

Lisa, Megan, and Mark learned a lot excellent techniques from Appie and Robert and benefitted from seeing a number of very impressive dogs.

To view an incredible and entertaining video of Appie Kamps’ Showteam of dogs, horses, and chickens, please click the following link:




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