CPT Trainers Perform Lunch & Learn Seminar at Windward Animal Hospital

On Friday, August 29, CPT Trainer/Owner Mark Spivak and Veterinary Relations Manager Connie Levy appeared at Windward Animal Hospital on Jones Bridge Road in Johns Creek. Mark first explained CPT’s history, CPT’s services, and the advantages that position CPT as the highest quality provider of pet training services in the Atlanta metro area. Mark next designed behavior modification programs for two of the staff member’s dogs. Mark discussed a program of counterconditioning and desensitization, modeling, controlled flooding, preventive management, exercise, and medication for Jo’s German Shepherd Mix, Tink, who is anxious with new people, especially men. Mark discussed a program consisting of an amended departure regimen, desensitization to pertinent departure stimuli, alterations to the sensory environment, drills to desensitize to departure, dominance training, proactive stimulation, appropriate confinement, and medication for Stephen’s Chihuahua Mix, Max, who exhibits separation anxiety.

The Windward staff was impressed with the methodology and depth of the program designed during our visit. Similarly, they were excited to learn about the education, accomplishments, and quality of the CPT staff; the duration, depth, and intensity of our in-house apprentice training program; the diversity of our services; the eclectic flexibility of our methodology; our knowledge of advanced psychology; and the overall professionalism with which CPT operates. Consequently, the Windward staff can now speak more knowledgably and confidently when recommending CPT for improving their clients’ behavioral and obedience issues.

Veterinary hospitals, such as Windward, realize that forming a relationship with CPT increases the productivity and profitability of the clinic. Happy dog owners with well trained pets do not return their pets to the breeder or shelter. Therefore, they remain clients of the veterinary practice and better enjoy the pet owning experience with their current pet, as well as future pets. Thus, they remain happy clients for many years.

Moreover, veterinarians prefer examining calm, obedient dogs versus fearful, aggressive, or overly exuberant dogs that require the assistance of one or more technicians. Dogs trained by CPT become more pleasant, safer clients. Furthermore, cooperative, well-behaved dogs lead to faster exams and less need to distract vet techs from other assignments, which reduces overtime and associated labor costs for the hospital. In addition, when exams progress more quickly and veterinarians are not burdened by communicating lengthy complimentary behavioral consultations on housebreaking, household manners, obedience, dominance, or aggression, the veterinarians’ time is more productive and profitable. In contrast, when veterinarians have an expected 10-minute exam turn into a 30-minute exam, waiting clients often sit in the lobby an excess amount of time. Alternatively, referring the obedience, household manners, or behavioral consultation to CPT enables a trainer to perform the consultation at the client’s home, where it is often most beneficial to the client, and improves customer service and client wait time at the hospital.

Atlanta area veterinary clinics desiring a similar presentation, should contact the CPT office by phone at 770-396-6433.

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