CPT Trainers Perform Seminar at Suwanee Animal Hospital

On Wednesday, January 31, CPT Trainers Mark Spivak and Krista Weaver appeared at Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald’s Suwanee Animal Hospital. Mark and Krista first explained CPT’s history and services, then answered general questions on pet obedience and behavior, including applications for clicker training, effective communication skills, and counterconditioning techniques to reduce possessive aggression. The staff appreciated the insights of CPT’s professional trainers as well as CPT’s cognitive, personalized emphasis. Consequently, the Suwanee staff can now speak more knowledgably and confidently when recommending CPT for improving their clients’ behavioral and obedience issues.

Atlanta area veterinary clinics desiring a similar presentation, should contact the CPT office by phone at 770-396-6433.

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