CPT Volunteers at DogFest

CPT Office Representative Brittny Nutt and CPT Trainer Patricia King volunteered at the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) fundraising event DogFest. Brittny operated the “Paw Art” booth and Patricia and her CCI release dog, Kady, participated in the Pet Parade. CPT has operated the CCI Atlanta Chapter Puppy Raiser Classes for the last 14 years and CPT President Mark Spivak has worked on service dog research projects via his company Dog Star Technologies.

DogFest, which for the first year was hosted at Atlantic Station, combined a parade, booths, and demonstrations to publicize CCI’s outstanding service dog program. To learn more about CCI, please click the preceding link.

CPT Trainer Patricia King and her dog Kady participating during the DogFest pet parade.
Dogs and humans celebrating assistance dogs during the DogFest pet parade.










CPT’s Brittny Nutt operating the DogFest “paw art” booth.













(Atlanta, GA)

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