CPT’s Mark Spivak Featured in Dog Fancy Magazine

Dog Fancy is a highly respected magazine amongst dog enthusiasts. The August issue of Dog Fancy Magazine featured CPT’s Mark Spivak within an outstanding article entitled, “Inside Your Dog’s Mind- Groundbreaking Research into Canine Cognition Begins to Pull Back the Curtain on Your Dog’s Inner Self.”

The article discusses leading edge research in the area of canine cognition. The story discusses the Yale Canine Cognition Center and the work of professor Laurie Santos; the esteemed Adam Miklosi and his work at Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary; Alexandra Horowitz from Barnard College; Brian Hare, the founder of Dognition and the Duke University Canine Cognition Center, and Emory professor Greg Berns and CPT’s Mark Spivak who study canine cognition via fMRI neuroimaging. The excellent article also includes 5 photographs from training at CPT and live scans at Emory.

If you wish to learn more about advances in understanding the workings of the canine mind and the construction of the human-dog bond, you will enjoy this well written article by Ethan D. Mizer. To access the article, please click the following link: http://doglab.yale.edu/sites/default/files/dogfancyaugust2014.pdf.


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