CPT’s Mark Spivak Listed as Expert by Redfin


Redfin, the Seattle-based, discount real estate brokerage, listed CPT’s Mark Spivak as an expert in a recent article entitled, “Moving with Pets:  Expert Tips for a Successful Move.”  Relocating residences can be a harrowing experience for pets, especially those who are neophobes, where they strongly prefer familiarity and routine.

Moreover, moving is stressful for humans.  Meeting new neighbors, shopping at different supermarkets and retail stores, and driving novel routes can be highly stressful.  And that’s not all.  Moving entails packing and unpacking, setting up utilities, and inevitably waiting for the Comcast installer.  Furthermore, through the phenomenon of  emotional contagion, human tension and anxiety may exacerbate the emotional state of our pets.

Therefore, Redfin’s Lexi Klinkenberg aimed to aid the psyche of pets potentially affected by relocation.  Her article includes strategy recommendations by 15 pet training professionals from throughout the USA.   We highly recommend reading the article before undertaking a move.


Redfin was founded in 2004 by a University of Washington medical school student with a fondness for software design, a Yale-educated electrical engineer, and an ex-Amazon data scientist.  The trio envisioned a less expensive, internet-based methodology for selling homes.  Subsequently, their initiative substantially modernized the 6% commission model historically advocated by traditional brokers.

The group developed user-friendly software allowing sellers to easily list and market their homes.  Redfin’s product combines aesthetically pleasing images, functional descriptions, advanced mapping technology, and practical search features.  Resultantly, sellers can quickly and less expensively sell their homes.  And buyers from throughout the country can quickly locate homes for sale in their preferred neighborhoods and price range.

Consequently, Redfin received funding from noteworthy venture capital firms. VC investors included Greylock and Vulcan, Inc, which at the time was operated by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.  Similarly noteworthy, Redfin has won multiple innovation awards.

Motivated by their market penetration and media attention, in July 2017 the company went public at an offering price of $15, with a ticker symbol of RDFN.  As of April 26, 2021, the Nasdaq price of Redfin is $71.85.


CPT considers itself the leading pet training and behavior modification company in Atlanta, GA and Eugene, OR.  The diversity and quality of our programs and the expertise of our staff is unrivaled.  Mark Spivak, CPT’s founder, has co-authored 17 noteworthy papers published in scientific journals, spoken at canine science conferences, been interviewed by 60 Minutes, and appeared on the PBS and BBC documentary series Nova.

Mark’s development of novel techniques for training animals to cooperatively participate in awake, non-restrained fMRI was a major innovation in the field of canine neuroscience.  Now, CPT is proud to receive recognition from Redfin, an innovator in the real estate industry.

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