CPT’s Mark Spivak Named a Top 100 Author

Top 100 Author

CPT’s Mark Spivak, along with his colleagues from the Emory Canine Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Ashley Prichard, Raveena Chhibber, Kate Athanassiades, and Greg Berns, were name Top 100 Authors by the academic journal Scientific Reports.  Their paper, Fast Neural Learning in Dogs: A Multimodal Sensory fMRI Study, was one of the Top 100 read neuroscience papers in Scientific Reports during 2018.  And if one really wants to get technical, the paper was #23.

Scientific Reports, the largest journal in the world, based upon the number of peer-reviewed papers published annually, is an open, online, scientific journal published by Nature Research.  Major scientific categories covered by the journal include biological sciences, earth and environmental sciences, health sciences, and physical sciences.  Neuroscience, the study of the bidirectional relationship between behavior and brain activity, falls within the category of biological sciences.

Scientific Reports published 1,627 neuroscience papers during 2018. Thus, a position at number 23 is quite an accomplishment for Mark and his colleagues.  In an email to Mark, Scientific Reports’ Chief Editor Dr. Richard White stated, “a position in the Top 100 most highly read articles is an extraordinary achievement- your science is of real value to the research community.”  The achievement also allows Mark to use the Scientific Reports Top 100 graphic in his signature block and presentations.




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