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Comprehensive Pet Therapy (CPT) is supporting Dog Star Technologies in an exciting and potentially groundbreaking research project.  The project aims to develop a genetic test to predict key behavior traits of service dog candidates and shelter animals.

During 2018, Dog Star Technologies, LLC completed a government-funded genetic research study that produced promising results in a population of prospective service dogs.  Now, CPT is assisting Dog Star Technologies during Phase II.

The goal of Phase II is both to validate the initial findings and to extend the test to a broader population of dogs.  If the project is successful, the outcome will be the first known genetic test to predict canine behavior.

During Phase II we are seeking participation from dogs with a history of severe anxiety or excitability triggered by separation, noises, thunderstorms, novelty, dogs, people, or wildlife.

The process is simple and only requires a routine canine blood sample.  We have arranged for a local Sandy Springs veterinarian to obtain blood from participating dogs on Saturday April 13, from 3 pm to 4 pm.  The blood draw should only require about 5 – 10 minutes of your time upon arrival.

If you are interested in advancing canine science, please respond via email so that we may qualify your dog and provide an appointment time.

In addition, in consideration of its appreciation Dog Star Technologies will pay each participant $50 upon the submission of the blood sample.  When’s the last time you made money visiting the vet?

Please respond promptly if you are interested.


Mark Spivak
Comprehensive Pet Therapy, Inc.
Dog Star Technologies, LLC



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