In Home Private Dog Training Proves Valuable for Those Who Prefer a More Flexible Schedule

Atlanta, GA – September 20, 2015 – Every day CPT witnesses the benefits of training your dog, but they also realize that some dogs may need that one on one approach. CPT encourages in-home private lessons for those pet owners who desire a customized plan with a more flexible schedule. The curriculum can be more personalized, working on the topics most important to you. In home instruction can also be tailored to your needs, therefore you may need fewer sessions than the typical six to eight weeks required of most group classes.  This will automatically reduce your costs and full attention can be given to you and your dog. Even if it requires some creative budgeting, in-home instruction can be a wise investment in your relationship with your dog.

There are a multitude of benefits to in home dog training. Your dog will not be distracted by other dogs, new people, or a new environment. When a trainer can observe the unique training challenges present in your home, she can offer techniques for conquering them in a much more efficient way.  Learning for both you and your dog will be at your own pace and your dog will be prone to learning, not socializing. Most important, the trainer can observe the family in your environment, helping to point out important points that may be relevant to the training. Your dog may be able to better learn in a neutral or familiar environment

CPT’s  in-home private instruction focuses on all obedience levels from puppy to competition level. They will work on household manner problems and special behavior modifications, such as anxiety, dominance, and aggression. CPT’s program will give that personal touch of undivided attention to help you to hone your training skills, answer any questions, and quickly address any challenges you may have experienced while working with your dog.

Comprehensive Pet Therapy (CPT) is Atlanta’s most respected pet training company. Since its inception, CPT has trained close to 50,000 client dogs, significantly more than 50,000 human clients, and approximately 80 cats. To learn more about CPT’s training services please contact CPT as per below.

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