Intermediate Agility Is Great Fun for People and Dogs!

Beginner Agility teaches dogs confidence and precision with each of the agility obstacles- broad jumps, single bar jumps, double bar jumps, triple bar jumps, winged jumps, tire jump, open tunnel, closed tunnel (chute), pause table, a-frame, dog walk, teeter, and weave poles.  Beginner agility is more a class for the dog than the human.

However, Intermediate Agility is a communication class for people and both a communication and obedience class for dogs.  The humans learn handling mechanics and physical expressive communication skills so that they can proficiently navigate their dog through increasingly complex courses.  The dogs learn receptive communication skills and high-stimulation, off-leash obedience skills.

Moreover, in the process, both human and dog have boatloads of FUN!!

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 Improve Your Dogs Obedience