Mike Sinteff & Teresa Sinteff

Mike Sinteff- Dog Trainer Cumming

Mike Sinteff and Teresa Sinteff own three wooded acres in Cumming where they perform Board Only and Board Training services for CPT. Prior to joining CPT, Mike was a corporate regional manager for Burger King.

Mike and Teresa work diligently to ensure that each pet’s stay is pleasant. They actively play with the dogs and take them for nature walks. The dogs also love playing in the Sinteff’s large fenced yard area. The Sinteff home has long been a highly requested CPT Boarding location with an excellent record of customer satisfaction and repeat business. Mike has also become an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator and a certified installer and technician for PetStop® electronic fencing systems. The Sinteffs have performed Board Only services for CPT for 16 years and Board Training Services for the past 14 years, after completing a lengthy and rigorous apprenticeship.

MIke Sinteff- CPT Dog Trainer
See a video of CPT Trainer Mike Sinteff working with General Patton, a 6-month old English Bulldog, during the fourth day of General Patton’s Board Train. In this video, Mike works on leash walking, sit, and waiting patiently until receiving a release command. He also introduces the down command. Watch how eagerly, cooperatively, and reliably General Patton performs after just a few days of Board Training!


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