The Music of Quebec City

Quebec City is a great place to live or visit during the summer months.  Quebecois become festive while relishing the warm weather months.  Festivals abound that feature street entertainers, comedians, and/or live bands.  Moreover, as in Montreal, the entertainers are highly talented and the music covers multiple genres.  We saw jazz, reggae, rock, and African bands in settings that were more intimate that what we experienced in Montreal.   The smaller outdoor amphitheaters featured phenomenal sound, excellent views, and incredible lighting.  Best of all, the venues allowed us to literally get close to the music without having to purchase a ticket.  That’s right!  The outstanding music we experienced was all FREE!

We hope you enjoy the following videos so that you can share in some of our magnificent Quebec City experiences.

The first band that occupied the Old Quebec outdoor stage on July 28 jammed to some fantastic African jazz:

The later concert on July 28 featured dance-worthy reggae instrumentals and vocals:


On July 29 the featured act played African cultural instruments in a unique blend of native music, jazz, and rock and roll.



(Quebec City, Canada)

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