New Agility Title for CPT Student

On Sunday October 26, CPT competition agility student Cathy Allred and her rescue dog, Lucy, an Australian Shepherd Mix, completed their second agility title- USDAA Performance 1 Gamblers. Previously Cathy and Lucy earned their USDAA Performance 1 Jumpers title.

Cathy and Lucy earned their new title while competing in a United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) sanctioned trial in Nashville, Tennessee. They earned 6 total qualifications over the weekend and a fourth place finish, in addition to their P1 Gamblers title.

According to Cathy, “Lucy was fabulous. A happy girl who had her tail wagging practically all the time and excitedly pranced throughout.”

When Cathy first enrolled Lucy at CPT, she never contemplated competing in agility. Her primary goal was teaching Lucy some basic obedience commands and reducing Lucy’s anxiety amidst new people and in new environments. However, as Lucy graduated from Beginner Obedience and Intermediate Obedience and started participating in Beginner Agility, Cathy noticed that Lucy was growing in confidence and receiving more joy from life.

Thus, Cathy continued into Intermediate, Advanced and Competition Agility and Advanced Obedience. Lucy is now much more obedient, significantly more confident, and a far more pleasant pet. Furthermore, Cathy looks forward to attending agility class with Lucy and regularly observes the tangible benefits of her enrollment.

Cathy believes, “Lucy could be a poster child for why it’s worth the effort. CPT trainers explain the psychology behind the actions, have homework for us, and goals. CPT Agility Trainer Holly Schmidt goes way beyond what is expected. I could not have achieved Lucy’s agility titles without the folks at CPT Training.”

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