Positive Reinforcement is The Key to Successful Dog Training

Group dog training classes are great for puppies, dogs you just brought home from the shelter, or existing pets that you wish were better behaved.  Even senior dogs are rarely too old to learn new tricks!  Although there are many places you can take your dog for dog training classes, you are best enrolling with a company that: 1) has a comfortable and spacious indoor location, 2) features personable and experienced trainers, and 3) emphasizes positive reinforcement as the principal training methodology.  When looking for the best dog training school in the Atlanta, Georgia area, we recommend Comprehensive Pet Therapy (CPT).

Over 50,000 clients have used Comprehensive Pet Therapy to educate their dogs through positive reinforcement dog training. Positive reinforcement maximizes motivation so that your dog enjoys learning.   CPT uses praise, treats, toys, and/or clickers so that each client dog has fun and learns to its potential.

Another benefit of dog training classes is socialization.  While having fun learning new behaviors, like Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walk, and Heel, your dog will have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs of comparable age and size. Productive socialization aids your dog in becoming more confident and relaxed when he/she interacts with another dog while on a walk, on a play date, or while running free at the local dog park.

Dog training classes will help you to realize your dog’s vast potential.  Dogs can be trained to do a wide array of behaviors, tasks, and tricks. Any pet benefits from learning simple obedience.  Yet, you may want to challenge your dog further by exposing him/her to tracking, competition obedience, agility, therapy work, or service work for the disabled.  The learning process will build bonding between you and your dog and enable you to obtain more enjoyment from your pet owning experience.

Taking your pet to a dog training school shows that you care about his/her development as a valuable member of your family. Dog training gives you the ability to have a better relationship with your dog and a more peaceful environment at home. Moreover, a disciplined and obedient dog is a happier dog. A trained dog feels like it has purpose in life and obtains a superior peace of mind.

Dogs learn new behaviors best through positive reinforcement, shaping, and repetition. When taking classes or private lessons at CPT, your trainer will teach you how to communicate to your dog and how best to educate your dog in the manner that is optimal for your dog’s unique temperament.  The CPT Trainer will also teach you how to become consistent, so that your dog best understands your wishes and meets your expectations.

Comprehensive Pet Therapy has a wide selection of group classes, private lessons, in-home private lessons, and board training.  And CPT Trainers can eclectically select the method ideal for training your pet. Therefore, the likelihood is near 100% that CPT has a program that will satisfy your needs, budget, and training objectives.  Some dogs take longer to train than others, but with your diligence and dedication along with CPT’s expert guidance you should be able to accomplish the training goals for your pet!


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