Storm Learns Impulse Control and Reduces His Compulsive Behavior

Australian Cattle Dog- Impulse Control

Storm is a 2.25 year old Australian Cattle Dog. Prior to our in-home appointment, Storm would obstreperously and compulsively pace, circle, jump, bark, and nip whenever his owners poured juice, took plates/bowls/pots from the cabinet, or talked on the phone.

During the in-home appointment we instituted a behavior modification plan that included:
1) proactive stimulation (principally increased high-intensity exercise),
2) braking stimuli to interrupt and redirect his undesirable behavior and improve his impulse control,
3) leadership communication, so that Storm will increase his attention to the owners, reduce his attention toward the stimuli, and reduce his arousal, and
4) positive reinforcement (using a clicker and high value food) to condition a calm, mutually satisfying replacement behavior.

After just one appointment we made great impact in reducing the frequency and severity of Storm’s bothersome high arousal compulsive behavior- and we did so by emphasizing quality of life solutions, no-force communication techniques, and positive reinforcement.

(Dunwoody, GA)

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