The Dog Project Appears on 60 Minutes

Back on February, 22, 2014, Anderson Cooper of the distinguished CBS news documentary 60 Minutes visited CPT to interview Emory Professor Greg Berns, CPT President Mark Spivak, and Georgia Tech Professor Melody Jackson.  CBS brought 2 production crews to complete the interviews that occurred earlier in the day at Emory and later in the day at CPT.

Originally, the segment was supposed to feature The Dog Project founded by Berns and Spivak, while also including sub-stories on Duke Professor Brian Hare’s Dognition project and retired Wofford Professor John Pilley’s Border Collie, Chaser.  However, the producers rewrote the story to make it less scientific and more human interest.  Consequently, Prof. Pilley and Chaser became the primary subjects and The Dog Project and Dognition became secondary stories.  As a result, Mark and Melody’s interviews were edited from the broadcast.

Nevertheless, the 60 Minutes story, which aired on October 5, 2014, is excellent.  To see the segment please click the following link:


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