Tricks Class Graduates and AKC Tricks Titlists!

Tricks Class Grads

Trick or treat?  What about tricks for treats?  You can get that with CPT’s Tricks Class!

Congratulations to Sarah Boone and Millie, Marian Scopa and Zealand, and Chris Griswold and LouLou, our recent CPT Tricks graduates!  In the process, each handler-dog team earned the title of AKC Tricks Dog.  Outstanding!

Tricks improves human-dog team building.  Moreover, the behavior shaping and chaining process integral to teaching each trick provides intellectual stimulation, achieves superior impulse control, and refines obedience skills.

The Tricks menu features a variety of entertaining behaviors.  Tricks taught in the class include bow, beg, roll over, bang-play dead, crawl, spin, speak, count, high-five, wave, touch, leap through a hoop, leap into the handler’s arms, ring a bell, put away toys, and more!

To learn more about CPT’s Tricks Class or any other CPT program (group class, private instruction, in-home private instruction, virtual private instruction, board training, agility training, therapy dog training, competition training), please contact CPT by phone (404-236-2150) or email CPT.

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