Who Says America Isn’t Training Scientists?

Scientists- Celeste Mason, Piper Vornholt, Ceara Byrne, and Larry Freil of the Georgia Tech Human/Animal Computer Interaction Laboratory

Who Says America Isn’t Training Scientists?  The accompanying photo shows (l-r) Celeste Mason, Piper Vornholt, Ceara Byrne, and Larry Freil of the Georgia Tech Human/Animal Computer Interaction Laboratory.

Under the guidance and tutelage of Prof. Melody Jackson the listed graduate and PhD student team invented the sensor products tested at CPT. Celeste has a background in materials science engineering, optoelectronics, and microelectronics. Piper has an expertise in psychology and statistics. Ceara’s forte is industrial design, especially in the area of interactive, wearable technologies. And Larry’s metier is computer science, networking, and computer intelligence.

Together, their diverse scientific backgrounds, intellect, and creativity have spawned innovative ideas and products that may soon improve the selection process for service dogs and military working dogs. Such advances will benefit disabled citizens and help to keep America safer from enemies. If these are the scientists that America is training, then we are in good hands.

Each practice session, CPT, Dog Star Technologies, and our Dog Project canine volunteers eagerly look forward to exploring the pioneering gadgetry created by these young technological wizards from GA Tech.

(Sandy Springs, GA)


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