You are cordially invited to participate in Leesa Wheeler’s upcoming book… Charming Companions

CPT client Leesa Wheeler is currently at work on her second publication, Charming Companions, a compilation of photos and prose about our special bonds with our dogs. She invites fellow CPT clients to participate in the book’s construction. To contribute to Leesa’s upcoming book, Charming Companions, send a digital photo of you and your dog along with a paragraph or two as to why he/she is your charming companion to Submissions must be received by October 31, 2005. Those selected will receive a complimentary copy of the book. She anticipates completion in fall 2006.

Leesa’s first book, Melodies From Within, was published in June 2005

just in time for Father’s Day as a tribute to her dad. On the pages of this book, she shares some meaningful moments. Using powerful and vivid imagery, compiled with elegance and grace, Leesa draws readers into the depth of the beauty of her words. Various poems offer praise exploding with adoration in torrents of poetic language, while others present intriguing topics in great depth. Her words of love are skillfully written and seem to dance off the page! So step inside, into her heart, and listen to the Melodies From Within… Order your copies today from,,,, or

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