Private Instruction at CPT

We encourage Private Lessons at the CPT Training Center for those whose pet is too nervous, aggressive, or energetic for a group class situation, for persons who desire a customized lesson plan, for persons who desire an accelerated lesson plan, for those who prefer a more flexible schedule than we can provide in group class, or for individuals who prefer the intimacy or convenience of one-on-one instruction.

  • All obedience levels: Puppy, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Competition!
  • Special privates for behavior modification: Timidness, General Anxiety, State anxiety, Dominance, Dog-dog aggression, Dog-human aggression, Hyperactivity, and other behavioral and psychological issues!

Staff Trainer rate:

$80 per hour lesson by-lesson. By appointment.

$580 for a discounted package covering 8 hours of instruction. The package provides a $60 discount versus purchasing the same number of lessons individually.

Head Trainer rate:

$120 per hour lesson-by-lesson. By appointment.

$150 per hour for dog-human or dog-dog aggression cases if the lesson also requires the services of a CPT Staff Trainer and/or volunteer dog.

  • CPT Head Trainers are more educated, experienced, and accomplished than CPT Staff Trainers. Consequently, Head Trainers are highly recommended for:
    • Behavior modification lessons, especially those focusing on aggression or anxiety,
    • Refractory dogs or issues, where insufficient progress was achieved with prior trainers or programs,
    • Accelerated lesson plans, where clients have a rapid timeline for goal accomplishment,
    • High-level competition lesson plans, especially where people wish high scores or have goals to compete at the AKC Open or Utility levels or in Schutzhund USA competitions,
    • Scent detection lesson plans, including tracking, trailing, and scent discrimination,
    • Puppy or dog consultations and evaluations, including pre-adoption or pre-purchase consultations to help determine the specifications for a dog that ideally matches a person or household, pre-adoption or pre-purchase evaluations of individual dogs, and service dog evaluations, or
    • Clients desiring more demanding or detailed instruction.

CPT Head Trainer accomplishments include competing nationally, winning a prestigious Regional competition, functioning as “Pet Expert” on the local NBC news, qualifying as an expert witness in animal behavior in multiple courts of law, co-authoring noteworthy research in the field of canine neuroscience, speaking at major conferences, appearing internationally in the PBS “Nova” series and the Nat Geo-Wild series “Puppy Days”, and being interviewed for a CBS “60 Minutes” segment on canine behavior.

Please note that although Head Trainer prices are higher than those indicated for Staff Trainers, with the issues and circumstances listed above, Head Trainer instruction will often result in lower overall expenses and superior overall value, as Head Trainers are more likely to achieve goal level outcomes and to require fewer meetings and less time to achieve desired outcomes.


“In-Home lessons helped us to housebreak Rocky. Group Class helped us to expand Rocky’s obedience skills, and socialize him around people and dogs. And when we go on vacation we take advantage of CPT’s outstanding Boarding Training program, CPT’s programs have made Rocky a superb pet. Definitely sign up your dog!”




* All CPT programs require pre-registration. Please note that payments to CPT are non-refundable.

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