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CPT’s cat training and behavior modification program was recently featured in the July/August edition of Simply Buckhead magazine.  CPT’s cat training most frequently addresses littler box; anxiety; general socialization; environmental conditioning; new pet integration; and cat-human, cat-dog, and cat-cat aggression issues.  However, sometimes clients request obedience behaviors, such as coming when called, which can be a valuable command for both indoor and outdoor cat owners, or tricks, which are fun for You Tube videos or parties and practical if one wishes to audition his/her cat for movie or television roles.

The article prominently displays several quotes from CPT Head Trainer Mark Spivak. To view the article please click the following PDFs.

Think Cats Can’t Be Trained? Think Again- Part 1

Think Cats Can’t Be Trained? Think Again- Part 2

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Simply Buckhead is an Atlanta-based and owned upscale lifestyle magazine distributed free of charge 8 times per year at over 250 locations in the Buckhead and Brookhaven areas.  The magazine targets successful persons in the 25 – 64 age demographic.  Simply Buckhead covers multiple subjects, including real estate, dining, gardening, shopping, the arts, and local trends.  Readers in over 82 countries, all 50 states, and over 150 cities and towns in Georgia have viewed the online version of Simply Buckhead, SimplyBuckhead.com.

The parent company of Simply Buckhead, Value Stream Media Group, founded by Atlanta resident Joanna Hayes, launched Simply Buckhead in 2010.  Value Stream also publishes 171 South Magazine, launched in June 2016; Buckhead View, acquired in October 2016; and Atlanta Pet Life, launched in May 2018.

The author of the article, Laura J. Moss, specializes in writing about animals, science, nature, travel, culture, and the environment.  Her work has been featured nationally in CNN, Nat Geo Kids, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Mother Nature, and How Stuff Works and locally in the AJC, Simply Buckhead, and Atlanta Pet Life.  She has also authored the books Adventure Cats:  A Guide to Living Nine Lives to the Fullestand The Unofficial Harry Potter Insults Handbook:  101 Comebacks for the Wicked Wizards and Witches in Your Life.


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