CPT Featured in CNN.com Article on Virtual Dog Training

CNN.com author Ryan Bergeron featured CPT in an April 26, 2020 article about virtual dog training.  The article, entitled “Tips for Training Your Dog While You’re Stuck at Home,” discusses the benefits of virtual dog training versus allowing problems to fester, how to socialize a puppy or newly adopted adult dog while maintaining social distancing, and how to prevent housebreaking and chewing problems when a new dog is left unattended.

The article features 2 nationally prominent dog trainers, Mark Spivak of CPT and Victoria Stillwell.

Although in-person private instruction is optimal, Mark lauds the benefits of virtual dog training in comparison to reading internet articles or viewing YouTube videos.

Per Mark, “Internet media and books pose the disadvantage of not customizing instruction for the characteristics of the dog and family. Moreover, videos and print do not provide feedback.”

Mark also discusses how to structure training homework sessions.  “Obedience training practice is best conducted in multiple short sessions.  While working from home there is more flexibility to apply several 5-minute sessions versus a lengthy half-hour session.”

CPT Head Trainer Mark Spivak- Virtual Dog Training
CPT Head Trainer Mark Spivak

We will add here, when designing homework sessions keep it short, fast, and fun!

And remember, “keep in mind that dogs are learning even when you are not formally teaching them.”  Therefore outside of formal training sessions maintain consistency in all your interactions with a pet.

Amongst some people, the pandemic has created hesitance to participate in group class, private instruction, or in-home private instruction.  Therefore, CPT has expanded its virtual private program.

Virtual Dog Training with CPT

Formerly CPT only recommended virtual dog training for geographically distant clients.  Virtual dog training was most appropriate when an out of state client could not afford board training, recently completed a board train, or had one or two problems that did not require a board train or in-person consultation involving travel by car or plane.

However, with the pandemic virtual dog training has also become a viable solution for local persons apprehensive about social contact with non-family members.  For persons considered high-risk for developing a severe corona illness (elderly, overweight, hypertensive, diabetic, immunocompromised) virtual dog training is an especially appropriate solution.

CPT offers virtual dog training via FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype. FaceTime is often the best application for persons with an iPhone, iPad, or Macintosh computer.  Zoom is usually the best solution for non-Apple persons. Zoom is also highly functional for lessons with multiple persons at multiple locations.

The cost of virtual dog training via FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype is the same as for private lessons at CPT. Staff Trainer virtual lessons cost $80 per hour.  Head Trainer virtual lessons cost $120 per hour.

To schedule a virtual dog training appointment, please contact the CPT office by email or phone (404-236-2150).




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