Jacob: The Story of a CPT Service Dog Board Train

CPT Service Dog Board Train

Why Julia Needs a Service Dog Julia is an accomplished professional and a graduate student at an Ivy League university.  She is also afflicted with epilepsy, specifically tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures and generalized absence seizures.  In the past 6 months, her epileptic episodes have become more frequent and severe, despite a regimen of anticonvulsant medication […]

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Jenna and Yoshi

Jenna loves her 8-week old Labradoodle Yoshi. However, she would also love him to quickly become housebroken and to learn proper household manners. Therefore, she contacted CPT for an in-home private lesson on housebreaking, chewing, mouthing, jumping, socialization with the older household dogs, general socialization, and imprint obedience. We covered a lot in our 2-hour […]

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Katie and Jimmy Complete an In-Home Lesson on Housebreaking

Katie and Jimmy- In-Home- Housebreaking

Katie and Jimmy, her 5 year old, neutered, male Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie), completed an in-home lesson on housebreaking. Although Jimmy is mega-cute, he pees and poops in the house about 6 – 9x per week, which is not very cute, especially for a 5-year old dog.

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