Novel Canine Neuroscience at CPT- GA Tech Visits CPT to Test Sensor Products

Zen Testing the Ball Sensor- Canine Neuroscience Research at CPT

The Georgia Tech Brain Lab’s FIDO Project team visited CPT on SU Feb 8 to work with The Dog Project dogs. The FIDO Project is participating in a 2-year canine neuroscience study coordinated by Dog Star Technologies ( As part of the study, the FIDO team is developing sensors that will aid in determining the temperament of a dog by how the dog interacts with each sensor product. Presently, there are two sensor products in the prototype stage, a ball sensor and a tug sensor.

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In-Home Training Helped Maya to Relate Better to Her Human and Canine Pack Members

In-Home Training- Maya

Maya is a 6-year old Australian Shepherd Mix that Carolyn has owned since Dec 2014. We worked on helping Maya to better enjoy time with Betty in the backyard, extinguishing pawing as an attention seeking behavior, Come, Sit, and Leash Walking. Carolyn and Maya both learned a lot and built a better relationship in the process.

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Board Training with CPT: The Down-Stay Exercise

Dog Board Training with CPT: The Down-Stay Exercise

Shelby the Golden and Bubba the Boxer completing down-stays while board training with CPT Trainer Megan Sinteff Jefferson. Megan provides a wonderful, bucolic multi-acre experience for the dogs to learn and play. Next time you go on vacation, don’t let your dog veg at a kennel. Board train your dog with CPT!

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Dog Star Technologies Visits Berkeley, CA

Dog Star Technologies Visits Berkeley, CA

This past week Mark Spivak, Greg Berns, and Andrew Brooks of Dog Star Technologies visited the University of California, Berkeley to conduct fMRI scans of 7 dogs that recently entered the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) adult training program. The 7 scans that occurred over the weekend of Jan 31- Feb 1 were the first of 50 total scans the group will analyze over a 2-year period.

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Reducing Gracie’s Territorial Aggression

Gracie- Cane Corso- Territorial Aggression

Gracie, a 10-month Cane Corso, is very friendly. But, she can be an excitable territorial handful when she is behind a gate or fence or when she is on-leash in the neighborhood and sees unfamiliar people or dogs. Therefore, we worked on leadership communication, impulse control training, acclimation to the Gentle Leader, leash walking mechanics, and establishing a calm greeting protocol. There is still work to do. However, we made tangible impact after just one session.

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CPT Beginner Obedience Graduates

CPT Beginner Obedience Graduates

CPT Beginner Obedience graduates: Caleb and Chip, BJ and Sophie, Catherine and Henry, Glenn and Jessie, and Debbie and Aries. They all learned a lot- and they had a lot of fun!

Now, on to an Intermediate Class, where they will transition on-leash skills to off-leash proficiency.

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Whatever You Can Do I Can Do Better!

Whatever you can do I can do better

Whatever you can do I can do better!” Emory University neuroscience professor Danny Dilks poses with Stella the Bouvier before she enters the MRI for the “Danny-Faces” experiment. Stella wears ear plugs covered by vet wrap to provide hearing protection once within the MRI. Danny wears vet wrap simply because he is well coiffed.

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CPT- A Leader in Canine Neuroscience Research: The Danny Faces Experiment

Canine Neuroscience- Danny Faces Experiment

The Danny Faces experiment is designed to identify the canine FFA (fusiform face area) and to better understand the operation of the canine FFA. The FFA is responsible for facial identification and processing. The first photo shows Kady observing non-facial stimuli. The second photo shows Kady observing facial stimuli. By analyzing brain activity that occurs exclusively upon exposure to the still photos and video of faces, as compared to the non-facial images, we can locate the FFA!

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A Successful Private Behavior Modification Lesson with CPT Training

German Shepherd- Behavior Modification

Why is Amy smiling? Because she just completed a successful private lesson with Comprehensive Pet Therapy!

Prior to the appointment, her German Shepherd Bailey pulled constantly on-leash and became reactive whenever she saw an unfamiliar dog. The behavior became worse after a friend’s dog started a fight with Bailey. One time during a walk Bailey literally pulled Amy over and dragged her on the ground.

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Storm Learns Impulse Control and Reduces His Compulsive Behavior

Australian Cattle Dog- Impulse Control

Storm is a 2.25 year old Australian Cattle Dog. Prior to our in-home appointment, Storm would obstreperously and compulsively pace, circle, jump, bark, and nip whenever his owners poured juice, took plates/bowls/pots from the cabinet, or talked on the phone.

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A Successful Service Dog Turnover

CPT Trained Service Dog

Kali the Rottweiler posing with her smiling owner during her turnover lesson in Charleston, SC. CPT trains serivce dogs for clients throughout the United States. Moreover, CPT has a very flexible program. Although most service dogs that we train are either Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Labradoodles, or Goldendoodles, we have trained dogs from a diverse array of breeds, including a Great Pyrenees, a Weimeraner, a Dachshund Mix, and of course, a Rottweiler.

For more information about CPT’s service dog program, please contact CPT by email ([email protected]) or by phone (404-236-2150).

(Charleston, SC)

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